Vineyard and terroir

vue des vignes

Building: Bordeaux Chartreuse from XVIIIth century , and carrières pour le vieillissement des vins

Vineyard area: 12 ha around the house with :
- Merlot: 9,85 ha
- Cabernet-franc: 0,75 ha
- Sauvignon gris: 1,40 ha

Average age: 35 years. Orientation north-south.

Terroir: soil: clay and limestone; subsoil: limestone, type: plateau en pentes douces
Altitude: 80m.

Soil work: organic culture, natural grass; we harrow or hoe the vine rows.
Harvest 100% hand picked.

Fauna and flora

We could count more than 50 different varieties of plants in our vineyards, a sign of great bio-diversity.

52 species of birds have been observed on the property, ranging from fairly common species such as blackbirds, chimney swallow or blue tit, until other more rare and protected as woodlark, torchepot the nuthatch, the linnet melodious oriole of Europe and the green woodpecker.

To read more on reserch and observatories of biodiversity at Bellevue, clic here.

Quarries for aging wine

Probably dug in the Renaissance to build houses around, the stone quarrying ended during the war 1914-1918.
Between 1920 and 1970, are cultivated mushrooms.
This blond limestone stone retains moisture well and allows the vine that grows above withstand drought of summer.

vues des carrières

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