Organic farming


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The whole estate is certified since 2005. Controls are made by ECOCERT.

Since 2006, we have the US NOP certification, NOP (New Organic Program), and canadian certification, COS (Canada Organic Standard), which include in their rules the winemaking as well than the organic farming, with low sulfites contents, for white and red wines.

Ecological farming

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We are members of two associations of our area: "arbres et paysages en Gironde" and "Tulipe" which purposes are to increase the biodiversity and preserves high quality landscape sceneries.
The program includes planting hedges with native shrubs and heritage varieties of fruit trees.

Our corks are made from trees from organic forest.
We have been using light-weight glass bottles since the 2009 vintage.
We belong to a group which recycles the backing paper of our bottle labels.

In practice

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We don't use any herbicide, insecticide, or other synthetic chemical, nor chemical fertilizer.
To fertilize the soil, we use green fertilizer from cereals (rye) and leguminous plants (red clover), or organic compost from a cerfified organic farm.
To guard against diseases:
• We use copper, in the form of Bordeaux mixture, against Downy Mildew.
• We use sulfure against odium.
• We remove leaves around the grapes to get better aeration in order to avoid Botrytis.
• Against grape worms, we maintain a natural balance of insects by good floral biodiversity of the soil. We are also putting some artificial nests to encourage more birds, such as the coaltit, sparrows, warblers who like to consume these insects. The young birds can eat between 6 000 and 9 000 worms while they are in the nest. During this time, the adults do the same ! ...
• To stimulate the natural defenses of the vine, we use herbal nettle or horsetail decoctions or other plants in homeopathic doses. It is a technique which is based on biodynamics.

"Organic wine" - "Vin bio"

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Since 1 January 2005, may be included on the AB logo bottle when production is certified AB, ie three years after the conversion.
Last spring, the European Commission adopted a Regulation of the Production of "Vin bio". Application must be made from harvest 2012.
However, having applied the rules of vinification Bio in 2005, the Château de Bellevue must indicate on his old vintages (from 2005) the words "Organic Wine". To be continued ...

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